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Bloom's first Meetup pf 2018 is announced!

We are excited to open up RSVPs for our next Meetup being held in London on Wednesday 21st February!

Building on the success of our previous Meetups we are delighted to invite you to our first Meetup of 2018. This event is going to be in a different format to our previous ones and should be an engaging and interactive evening for all.

Our previous events, as many of you will know, have been speaker led with presentations from industry experts but this time round we are going to host a panel discussion, with one chair and four panellists. All four panellists have a wealth of industry experience with AI and RPA, and we have been careful to select a diverse panel which will lead to high level discussions around Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation and more.
(Our regulars will be pleased to know that food, drinks and networking opportunities for all will be on offer as always.)

We will introduce the four panellists over the coming weeks but first of all want to introduce you to our Panel Chair for the evening who we are thrilled to have on board, Andrew Burgess. Andrew has worked as an advisor to C-level executives in Technology and Sourcing for the past 20 years, and is a strategic advisor to a number of ambitious companies in the field of disruptive technologies. As a thought leader and practitioner in the AI and RPA space we felt Andrew was the perfect Chair to ensure the panel discussion is truly agnostic and thought provoking. He was recently awarded ‘Automation Champion of the Year’ by the Global Sourcing Association and is a prolific writer on the ‘future of work’ both in his popular weekly newsletter and in industry magazines and blogs.

Andrew’s new book - The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence (Palgrave MacMillan, 2018) - takes a pragmatic and hype-free approach to explaining artificial intelligence and how it can be utilised by businesses today. At the core of the book is a framework which describes in non-technical language the eight core capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each of these capabilities, ranging from image recognition, through natural language processing, to prediction, is explained using real-life examples and how they can be applied in a business environment.

The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence can be purchased here, and as a Meetup attendee you benefit from a 20% discount. For this Meetup group's exclusive code please drop one of the groups organisers a message and we can provide it for you.

This event is going to be held in the fantastic event space in Aldgate WeWork. Attending will give you the opportunity to watch the panel discussion and ask questions of panellists, as well as to mix informally with intelligent Automation, RPA and Artificial Intelligence experts from across the eco-system over drinks. Booking your space at this particular event will also give you the opportunity to purchase Andrew Burgess's book, The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence, at a discounted price.

Due to significant demand for places at this event, and to ensure you are networking with people who have a genuine interest and business need for attending, we are charging a nominal fee of £10 for this event, which will then be donated to Help for Heroes. To book your place click here.

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