Will Kellett

Managing Director

Tel: 01908 929102
Email: will.kellett@bloomsearch.co.uk

Loren Bowden

Operations Director

Tel: 01908 929108
Email: loren.bowden@bloomsearch.co.uk

Chris Painter

Senior Consultant

Tel: 01908 929111
Email: chris.painter@bloomsearch.co.uk
Market Specialisms: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, RPA, Big 4 Consultancy

Mitchell Scarrott

Senior Consultant

Tel: 01908 929117
Email: mitchell.scarrott@bloomsearch.co.uk
Market Specialisms: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Automation, Digital Transformation, Deep Learning, RPA

David McKay


Tel: 01908 929112
Email: david.mckay@bloomsearch.co.uk
Market Specialisms: Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Engineering, RPA

Alex Jenkins


Tel: 01908 929109
Email: alex.jenkins@bloomsearch.co.uk
Market Specialisms: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Automation, Digital Transformation, RPA

Sophie Weeden

Delivery Consultant

Tel: 01908 929110
Email: sophie.weeden@bloomsearch.co.uk
Market Specialisms: Artificial Intelligence, Industrial IoT, Intelligent Automation, Digital Transformation, RPA

Zac Kilroy-Silk

Associate Consultant

Tel: 01908 929119
Email: Zac.Kilroy-Silk@bloomsearch.co.uk
Market Specialisms: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, RPA

Ross Branchette

Associate Consultant

Tel: 01908 929105
Email: ross.branchette@bloomsearch.co.uk
Market Specialisms: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Automation, RPA

Emily Hill

Marketing Associate

Tel: 01908 929107
Email: emily.hill@bloomsearch.co.uk

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